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Christening photographer

prices 2022 г
1 500 UAH
1 hour
photo shoot
2 300 UAH
2 hours
photo shoot
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Why do you need a christening photographer?

Christening is a memorable event in the life of a child and his family.
Only photography can preserve the memory of this beautiful and significant ceremony for years. To capture the most vivid and unique moments of the rite of Christening, use the services of Christening photographer.

As a rule, the lighting in the church is insufficient for photography with amateur-grade DSLRs, therefore, for successful photography of the Christening you must have professional photographic equipment. The Christening photographer must have sufficient experience in shooting to capture the highlights and position himself during the ablution and other key moments of the ceremony. Proper use of the flash is important, as young children are very sensitive to bright flashes. Even if there is little light in the room and the photographer is forced to use a flash, in no case should he direct it into the eyes of a child.

Сchristening Gallery

Christening photography services include:

  • photo session Christening, portrait photo of a child;
  • selection, processing and retouching of photos on a computer;
  • recording 130-150 photos on a flash drive;
  • printing of 5 photos 21x15;
  • production of a photobook (for a separate cost).

5 reasons to order Christening photography

  • Experience as a photographer for Christening in Kyiv and the region for more than 8 years.
  • The presence of expensive, high-aperture photographic equipment that allows you to shoot even in the darkest room of the smallest church.
  • Positive customer feedback; good contact with children; You will receive photos within 7 days.
  • Printing of the photo book "Christening of the child" (for a separate cost).
  • Help with finding a videographer for Christening.

Slideshow "Christening of Svyatoslav"

Photobook "Christening"

The best gift and reminder of this special day will be printed photographs and a photo book. It will include all the best and memorable photos from Krestin, as well as portraits of the baby and family taken before and after the ceremony. The cost of a Christening photobook is determined by the size, number of pages and quality of the cover. The average price in 2022 is UAH 1,700, including work with design and preparation for printing. If you want to print several books, for example, as a gift to parents or godparents, then the cost of each subsequent book will be 30-40% cheaper than the first.
I had to carry out a photo session of Christening in most churches and cathedrals in Kyiv and the region: St. Michael's Cathedral, Vydubitsky Monastery, Lavra, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, Goloseevskaya Hermitage and many others. Knowing their features, it is easy for me to prepare and take pictures in the best possible way.
A professional Christening photographer always shoots in camera format, not in jpg. This allows you to edit the color, brightness and contrast of the image at the stage of processing, to emphasize the important details of the composition of the image. I always print a few photos as a gift so that the memory of a significant event in the life of your family remains not only in the computer, but also pleases the parents with a framed photo above the crib.
Yuriy Yakovenko
Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 (066) 835 49 86 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)