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Wedding photo retoucher and photo editor

Wedding photo retoucher and photo editor
A modern wedding photographer needs to be not only a professional — to see the composition, understand the light pattern, use the potential of the camera, lenses, and photo accessories, but also be able to retouch photos with high quality. Sometimes 1 hour of photography needs 2-3 hours of editing photos on a computer. But color correction and retouching can never replace the talent and skill of a photographer, they only help to emphasize details and complement his artistic vision and individual style.

Benefits of working with a retoucher

  • You are focused on shooting and can earn 50-70% more during the wedding season by filling in the time available from retouching with extra orders.
  • Your clients are able to receive photos 1 or 2 weeks after the wedding, which significantly distinguishes you in comparison with other photographers.
  • Your photos look more vivid and professional, taking into account your style of photography and full attention to detail.
  • You can update the portfolio on the website, Facebook, Instagram every week from the beginning of the season, therefore receiving feedback and new customers.
  • Your editing will be done while you sleep and your family will thank you for being with them more!

Color correction

I like natural retouching, when color, contrast and brightness are similar to classic film photography. Sometimes light properties, location and general mood of a photo session require slight editing to bright, pastel and warm colors, or vice versa, to look more contrasting and emotional. Also, I can do color correction according to your wishes and use presets to stylize photos. A retoucher should always be in touch to go through the required number of revisions and get a photo in your individual style.

Skin Tones

One of the main aspects of color correction is working with skin tones. A wedding photo shooting does not often take place in ideal light conditions. For example, if on a bright sunny day, a photo session takes place in the shade of trees, a noticeable green or gray tint may appear on faces and skin, caused by reflections of light from the greenery. In such cases, a retoucher must have the skill to selectively correct color in order to restore pleasant warmth of skin tones.

Approximate cost of services (may be negotiated):

Basic color correction (according to your style preferences and wishes):
adjustment of cropping, brightness, contrast, color balance, skin tones, and other parameters in Capture One or Adobe Lightroom.
700 photos – $200 (including the creation of black and white copies).

Additional detailed portrait retouching (if necessary):
frequency separation, liquify, dodge and burn, and other retouching techniques in Adobe Photoshop.
1 photo – $5-7 (depending on the complexity and requirements for retouching).

Additional services related to wedding photo session:
Layout of a wedding photo book and preparation for printing – $70-100 (depending on the number of pages).
Wedding slideshow – $30-50.

I use Dropbox to transfer large files.

Focus only on photography

Entrust retouching to a professional

Focus only on photography
Entrust retouching to a professional

Detailed portrait retouching

Preparation for staged portrait photography includes the work of a stylist, a makeup artist, and a hairdresser. A photographer, in his turn, must be able to work with light since mistakes in choosing a light scheme can reveal unwanted details on skin. The task of a retoucher is to remove flaws while maintaining the naturalness and volume of a photo.
We may start with a small free test. Just send me a link to 50 photos for retouching and evaluate the result the very next day.
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