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Subject photography

prices 2022 г

50 UAH/photo
from 20 subject
45 UAH/photo
from 50 subject
40 UAH/photo
from 100 subject
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Photo shooting for an online store

In today's world, online shopping has become commonplace. High-quality, professional subject photography will allow your online store to stand out from competitors. Hire a professional product photographer and take your business to the next level.
To get an impressive result, the photographer must have professional equipment - macro lens, reflectors, light cube, studio light. For photographing clothes, most often you have to rent a photo studio, use mannequins or use the services of a model.

5 reasons to order a product photographer

  1. Your site receives unique content, which allows it to be higher than similar sites in the google and yandex search results, increasing sales.
  2. Thanks to beautiful product photos, the appearance and design of the site encourage customers to come and shop in your store.
  3. Photographing unique products, such as clothes or souvenirs, involves photographing several angles that can reveal to the buyer the appearance, quality and "functionality" of the product.
  4. By ordering product photography, you get a high-resolution photo and can use it in print advertising - posters, leaflets, product catalogs, and even on an advertising board.
  5. You do not depend on the supplier and can even make money on it by offering stylish promotional photos of its products, but of better quality.

What determines the cost of shooting?

Shooting prices are determined by various factors:

  • dimensions, weight, dimensions of the goods;
  • the need for additional perspectives;
  • the number of articles of the same type;
  • the complexity of the product for photography (glossy, glare, glass surfaces);
  • time spent on processing and retouching.
For example, a photo shoot for a catalog of the same type of products from one angle and a quantity of 100 pieces or more can cost 35-40 UAH/subject, and a food shoot for a menu or restaurant advertisement costs 100 UAH/dish. But the most expensive and difficult is the product photography of jewelry, which requires special skill and experience of the photographer, and also takes a lot of time in post-processing.

Subject photography gallery

How to shoot subject


To equip a photo studio, you will need a room with an area of 6 square meters. meters. But if you are planning a photo session of clothes, then you cannot do without the use of models or mannequins, then you will need a larger room. Most often, for such tasks, they rent a professional photo studio with a cyclorama, a specially equipped platform that allows shadowless shooting of clothes for a catalog or an online store.
The next task is to get the right lighting. On the market there are solutions of sets of both pulsed and constant light. For uniform illumination of the object, it is ideal to have 3 sources, but with 2, you can also get an acceptable result. It is easier to work with constant light sources, since the cut-off pattern is immediately visible, but pulsed light is more powerful, so it will allow you to illuminate a large area if necessary.


Most often, objects are removed on a white background; from improvised means, whatman paper is quite suitable, which can be bought inexpensively at a stationery store. By fixing it in a certain way on the table, you will be able to shoot small objects up to 40-50 cm in size.
If you only have a few subjects to shoot with or need to get a food photo for a food blog, then natural light is fine. Place a product photography table right next to a window. Use a reflector to illuminate objects from the back. Food photographers often use natural backgrounds to create beautiful compositions of food, utensils and accessories right on the dining table. The ideal option is photographing the menu in a cafe or restaurant. Professional table setting and beautiful dishes turn a food photo shoot into an advertising photo.
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